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The Benefits of Under Eaves Storage Units for an Attic Bedroom

A loft conversion is a great way for homeowners to create an extra bedroom, and is increasingly popular in the UK. While transforming an attic or loft space into a bedroom can enable you to make the most of a space that usually has very little practical function, it can create a unique set of challenges in terms of storage. If you currently use your loft as a storage space but are planning a conversion, or you have converted your loft and are now lacking in storage capacity, you may already be familiar with one such challenge.

This is not the only issue that can arise. One of the primary difficulties when converting a loft into a bedroom is working around the unusual architectural features these spaces typically have. Sloping roofs, eaves and odd-shaped corners can all make it challenging to utilise the space effectively for storage, especially because traditional freestanding wardrobes and chests of drawers may not fit comfortably.

This can leave homeowners with awkward gaps and wasted areas, which is particularly frustrating if you are converting your loft because you want to create more space. However, this does not need to be the case. With the right approach, it’s possible to turn your loft conversion into a functional, clutter-free space.

Here, the storage experts at Clever Closet offer convenient and useful loft storage ideas that can help you to make the most of the available space in your new bedroom, and explain how an under-eaves storage unit can prevent wasted space and increase your loft storage capacity significantly.

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Make the most of under-eaves storage space

When approaching a loft conversion, you should consider what you need from the room during the planning stages. There are plenty of loft storage ideas that might be suitable, but there are also unique challenges, and it is easier to account for everything before construction begins if you want to make sure your new loft room will meet all of your needs.

The primary challenge is that most attics have sloping ceilings, which require specific accommodations if you want to install furniture in the space beneath the eaves. You will need to account for the fact that the highest part of the room is in the centre, meaning that if you plan on installing a wardrobe, cupboard or other large storage unit in your new bedroom after the fact, it can be difficult to find a suitable place.

Built-in storage options are often the best way to account for the challenges of keeping everything you need in a loft room. Before we discuss the advantages of a built-in unit, it is important to clear up some common misconceptions. Built-in storage doesn’t only refer to the exorbitantly expensive bespoke options that some manufacturers offer, and it doesn’t need to be a hassle. In fact, whether you plan ahead and install an under-eaves storage unit during the construction of your loft conversion, or decide to install it after the fact, there are convenient and cost-effective options available.

What are the advantages of built-in storage?

Provided you choose the right unit to meet your needs, there are several key advantages to built-in storage systems. They can make the most of otherwise-unused space and allow you to benefit from significantly more storage capacity than you would otherwise be able to access.

In particular, built-in loft storage solutions like those offered by Clever Closet are ideal for overcoming the challenges of an attic conversion and ensuring you are able to make maximum use of the available space. Our gable end and under-eaves storage solutions are designed to fit perfectly into the triangular spaces created by a sloping ceiling, ensuring you do not have to compromise or waste space.

Our units are available in a variety of configurations and can be customised to fit the specific dimensions of almost any loft conversion. Built-in storage can remove awkward spaces and ensure that every inch of your new bedroom is put to good use – including space that you would not otherwise be able to use for any practical purpose. This can be a game-changer for those looking to add a functional, spacious under-eaves wardrobe or set of drawers to a new room in their loft.

In addition to making the most of the available space, built-in storage can be streamlined and offer a clean and tidy aesthetic to your loft room, with a sense of visual harmony. By blending seamlessly into the room’s architecture, built-in storage can keep your belongings organised and out of sight, reducing visual clutter and creating a peaceful atmosphere. This is particularly important in a loft bedroom, where a sense of calm and relaxation is crucial for a good night’s sleep.

Another advantage of Clever Closet’s variety of storage units is that our solutions are not only suitable for installation during the loft conversion process; we also offer units that can be installed afterwards, giving you the ultimate flexibility and control over your storage options.

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Are there other solutions available for a loft space?

While built-in storage space has clear advantages, it does not only mean solutions like loft wardrobes or drawers that are built into the walls of loft conversions. Discrete pieces of furniture may also have storage space built into them, and there are significant benefits to this type of multifunctional system, especially because these pieces enable you to accommodate the various functions of a bedroom while also adding the extra room you need.

From clothing and bedding storage to a workspace or dressing area, there’s a lot to fit into a relatively small space. Thankfully, there are many innovative, multifunctional solutions that can be tailored to your individual needs. For example, a built-in wardrobe could incorporate a fold-out desk, while a bed with storage capacity could provide a convenient space for shoes, accessories, makeup, or anything else you need.

While a loft conversion can present unique challenges in terms of storage space, there are many gable-end and under-eaves storage solutions available that can help to ensure the room is perfectly designed to meet your personal needs.

With the help of built-in solutions like those offered by Clever Closet, it’s possible to create a functional, stylish and clutter-free bedroom. By maximising the use of awkward spaces and offering customised, multifunctional storage options, built-in storage will enable you to make the most of your loft conversion and transform it into the bedroom of your dreams.