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Tidying #Trends: What You Can Learn from TikTok, Instagram and More

Thanks to social media, it is easier than ever to pick up tips, tricks and hacks for keeping your home clean and tidy. The rise of CleanTok and other social trends where people can share ideas and advice has brought some of the best ideas to the forefront, inspiring many more people to be more mindful about their homes and be proactive in taking good care of the spaces around them.

Here, the team at Clever Closet share some of the trends that have changed how they think about tidying and organising, and share some of the things you can learn from these trends and apply to your own home.

declutter your life


One of the ongoing trends of CleanTok, Instagram and everywhere else is decluttering. This means getting rid of things that might be taking up space in your house, but which you actually don’t want or need.

Sometimes, the goal of decluttering is to create a sense of minimalist style in your home, which can evoke feelings of calm and relaxation, but in other cases, it may simply be about making it easier to stay organised and ensure that you appreciate your belongings.

There are many ways to approach decluttering. Some people declutter by throwing away things they no longer need and only retaining belongings that make them happy or serve a vital function. For others, it is about creating more storage space in their homes so that they can access the things they need whenever they need them, and store a wider variety of belongings safely and tidily.

In any case, taking a more thoughtful approach to your personal possessions and making active decisions about what to keep and where things should be stored are fundamental to the art of decluttering. Whether you decide to keep everything or dramatically downsize, you will still gain an appreciation for the things you own and find it easier to put them away when you need to.

Messy Rooms

This is a recent TikTok trend that sees people finally tackling cluttered spaces that are making them unhappy. When people are suffering from poor mental health, it becomes more difficult for them to take care of the spaces around them, and this often leads to mess or untidiness.

While these spaces can be bad for your mental health – in the sense that an untidy room can make you feel worse, or feel like an additional problem on the pile of things occupying your mind – it also offers an opportunity when you start to feel better.

messy room

TikTok users have begun to recognise that these messy rooms are a common phenomenon, and that tidying them up is a great way to feel like you are taking control of a situation and making a positive change. Managing to tidy your space can remove a distraction and help you to focus on the other things you need to achieve.

Recording the process and posting it on TikTok can also make you feel accountable for achieving and maintaining a high standard of tidiness and cleanliness in your space.

Sometimes, it is not enough to simply put things away and if you lack the storage space to do so, it can leave you feeling worse – or with a room that is neater but still cluttered with things that don’t have a dedicated space. Creating a space for everything you own makes it easier to keep things tidy and organised, and can encourage you to return things to their place once you have used them. Our next trend is something that has enabled many people to feel inspired in this effort.

Labelled containers

Containers are another trend at the moment, and they are a great way to keep things organised. Having matching sets can help to create a quick visual signifier to separate cleaning products from food, or just to quickly draw your attention to the things you need to use most often.

The uniformity of matching sets usually means that they can stack or stand together easily, and this makes their contents more accessible. 

Mummy of Four Collaboration

If you choose containers with some style or flair, they can create a much more aesthetically appealing storage solution that keeps everything tidy and organised. 

When you need to tidy, knowing where everything needs to go can feel like a weight lifted off your shoulders and help you to get started.

Customers with our Clever Closet understairs storage solution find that it will fit many different sizes and shapes of containers, which can help to keep a wide variety of things well-organised. 

Because the solutions are modular, they make the maximum possible use of space under your stairs and are much easier to keep organised than an understairs cupboard or other open area.

To learn more about our understairs storage solutions and how they could transform your tidying habits, call us on 0800 031 8040 or fill in our contact form to arrange a call back at your convenience.