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The Ultimate Storage Transformation for Faye Tuhfadar

The Clever Closet Team were thrilled to collaborate with Faye Tuhfadar this month to maximise the storage potential in her home. Faye is one of Instagram’s leading lifestyle, home decor and beauty influencers. Read on to see the final results of the storage transformation!


After reviewing the hallway space, it was clear that the space wasn’t maximised for storage. We could see there was lots of potential to create discreet and convenient storage beneath the stairs.

Although there was a large space available underneath, only the space at the higher end was utilised for storage. The space at the lower end was open and difficult to access. In addition, it is often a challenge to store items neatly with an open space as unsightly shelving, shoe racks and coat hooks are usually required.


Based on this assessment, we decided to transform the space for Faye to make it more accessible. We also wanted to ensure it complemented the minimalist and airy aesthetic of Faye’s beautiful home. Check out the fantastic storage transformation we completed for Faye – we are thrilled with the final result!

Our 6 Drawer Tallboy Unit was the storage solution of choice for this stairs. This storage system made full use of the entire space beneath the stairs, providing six large drawers in addition to a Tallboy door opening into the space at the higher end.

Make sure to visit Faye’s Instagram account here to see the full transformation. Faye has also created a video showing the entire installation process from start to finish…check it out below!

Our Expert Installer Iain Fitting the Six Drawer Tallboy Unit

This unit takes just one day to install by our expert installation teams based throughout the UK. Simply click here to get a free quote for your home.