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Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

With National Spring Clean week commencing on the 14th of March, our guest blogger, Hannah from Red Thread Style is here to give you all some tips and tricks on how to get your Spring Clean underway.

There is something exciting about the beginning of a new season that I can never seem to describe, especially when it comes to the transition between Winter and Spring. Days gradually become longer, sunshine starts to seep through the clouds for a little longer every day, colourful flowers begin to decorate almost every household garden and most importantly, we get the chance to worry more about our style rather than our layers when it comes to clothing.

I’d like to think that as soon as the new season rolls around that all the changes that occur happen within the household along with outside the house, however that will sadly never be the case. Spring has officially sprung since February began but people’s ‘Spring Clean’ mind-sets never seem to set in until the longer days become more prominent and the sunshine becomes more regular. Thankfully as I write this the sun is beating through the windows and even though it makes my laptop screen a little harder to read, it makes me more motivated to actually follow the tips I’m going to give you to prepare yourself for the changes.

Wardrobe Wipeout: Whether it’s Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring, one thing I will always do when there’s a change in season is gut my wardrobe. There is something weirdly therapeutic about taking everything out of your wardrobe, to look at an empty space waiting to be filled with clothes that are guaranteed to be worn within the next few months.  I try to stick by the rule of if you haven’t worn it in the past two months, then get rid of it. Obviously there are a few pieces that can’t follow that rule, but most of your items should. So take everything out of your wardrobe, layer them all onto your bed, go through it one by one and then place them back in making sure that your Spring clothes are closer to the front than most of your Winter clothes. To be honest, if I had my way I’d have my wardrobe separated by seasons like some Mothers do for their newborns, but I think that’d drive people around me crazy.

College Clear Out: If there’s one thing that I fail to do every year, even though I promise myself I will do it, is to have my college equipment super organised. However I can never bring myself to do it during the months of September and January, but my aim for Easter is to get a system up and running. I know not everyone reading this is a student, but I can guarantee you all have bills to be paid, letters lost in the midst of your bedside drawers, and disappearing pens, am I right? I bet you are all nodding yes. The idea of having all your documents organised probably sounds like an unachievable goal, but if you get yourself a folder, insert a few dividers, invest in a pack of sticky notes and dedicate a shelf or drawer in one of your rooms, you’ll never take the messy, disorganised path again.

 Magazine Maniac: I recommend all of my fellow magazine collectors go through their old issues and chuck out the ones that you haven’t flicked through in the past year. Organise the other ones into an actual magazine rack or at least organised neatly on a designated shelf or cupboard. I’d also recommend putting your issues in order from oldest to recent so you can sort through them much easier in the future! Enjoy your spring clean, it may sound like a lot of work but I can guarantee when you have the little things organised it makes the bigger things much easier!