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Sarah Beeny: Renovate Don’t Relocate

The Clever Closet team were thrilled to take part in Sarah Beeny’s TV show, Renovate Don’t Relocate this year. Presented by Sarah Beeny, Renovate Don’t Relocate helps homeowners to transform their home without facing the challenges of relocating. Read on to find out more.

Sarah Beeny Renovate Don't Relocate

Home renovations expert Sarah Beeny continues to showcase her talents in the new season of Renovate Don’t Relocate. Sarah Beeny helps all types of homeowners from families to first-time buyers to renovate their properties, demonstrating innovative and clever ways to transform the living space. The result? Homeowners avoid the stress of selling their homes, instead, adapting their property to match their living requirements.

As living situations and home requirements are constantly changing, it is so important that homes can be adapted. In 2020, this has never been more true!

Did you know that this will be our third time working on a Sarah Beeny show? Check out this photo which shows Clever Closet CEO Paul Jacob and Sarah Beeny on the set of Double Your House for Half the Money back in 2014.

The episode which featured Clever Closet aired on Monday, 2nd of November at 8 pm on HGTV. We hope you enjoyed the show just as much as we did. Make sure to watch the quick video clip from the show below.

Clip from Renovate Don’t Relocate with Sarah Beeny, HGTV 2020