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Looking to neatly store your pet’s belongings?

Today, pets have become a much-loved part of the family. Our pets have more accessories, treats, dietary and bedding needs than ever before. This is where our clever under stairs storage systems come in! Our storage units can neatly store your pet’s belongings while eliminating clutter.

Our pets can never have enough bedding, from comfy throw mats and blankets, to luxurious beds throughout the house – we are all guilty! This is why our deeper drawers and Tallboy units can help as any excess bedding can be placed neatly in the deep drawers or tallboy space within a matter of seconds.

Pets are almost as fussy as their human companions when it comes to their meals and treats. Many people like to have a dedicated pet food storage area, but don’t want to impact on kitchen closet space. Clever Closet’s storage units are perfect for storing pet food items as treat bags can be sealed in containers and popped into the drawers.

It’s almost impossible to enter any type of shop that sells pet toys and leave without a gift for the adored cat or dog at home. After time, these treats tend to build up and cause clutter either in a press, back hall or around the house in general.

From collars, leads, harnesses and pet clothing, a large pile of clutter can easily build up. Many people question where to store these items – should you go the extreme and buy your pet a wardrobe? We have a much simpler solution with our under stairs storage units providing easily accessible extra storage space beneath the stairs.