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Under Eaves Storage

Under Eaves Storage

Maximise Storage Space In Your Attic

Whatever purpose you have in mind for a loft conversion, adding extra storage space is always a valuable consideration. Many people use their loft for storage before they decide to convert it, and turning the space into a fully functional loft room means that much of this storage capacity is lost.

In fact, many people choose loft conversions because they are lacking in space in the first place. Turning your space into an extra room can give you more flexibility and freedom in your home, but when it also reduces the amount of storage capacity you have to work with, there can be difficult compromises to make.

Painted Loft Storage Units Clever Closet
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Thankfully, Clever Closet has developed a unique and innovative solution – an under-eaves storage unit that you can install as part of your loft conversion (or add in after it’s finished). It creates organised storage capacity in the otherwise empty space beneath a sloping ceiling, adding spacious drawers that are perfect for everyday items in a loft bedroom, or for putting larger items into long-term storage. 

To discuss your storage needs, learn more about the solutions available from Clever Closet, or get a quote, call us today on 0800 031 8040 or use our enquiry form to arrange a call back at your convenience.

Why choose Clever Closet?

Clever Closet specialises in innovative solutions that turn unused space into organised storage systems. Our attic storage units provide built-in storage capacity for loft conversions, installing drawers under the eaves in a space that would otherwise go unused. 

Units from Clever Closet come in a variety of configurations, which ensure that we can find a product to fit almost any space. They are much more cost-effective than the complicated bespoke options on the market, offering the highest quality at a fraction of the price. We also offer finance options that will enable you to spread the cost over 12 months, making it even more affordable to revolutionise your approach to storage.

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If you need even more storage capacity than an under-eaves space can provide, Clever Closet also provides solutions that fit under your stairs, along with products designed for awkward alcoves and other difficult spaces. No matter how much storage capacity you need, Clever Closet has a suitable solution that will help.

How could a Clever Closet under-eaves storage unit help me?

Whether you are working with a lot of space or only a small amount, a Clever Closet unit is the most convenient way to store your belongings in a loft room. Drawers have a push-to-open locking system and when you install them as part of the loft conversion, they sit flush against the wall, meaning that they are unobtrusive and secure.

This makes them perfect for everyday use as an under-eaves wardrobe or chest of drawers, or as a long-term storage solution. Because they blend into the wall, our drawers do not attract attention – however, they will enable faster and more convenient access to your belongings than other types of long-term storage.

Loft Storage Drawers Clever Closet
Painted Black Clever Closet Loft Storage

Clever Closet units are built to a high standard and are extremely durable. All units come in matte white, meaning that they will fit with many of the most popular colour schemes, including neutral tones and monochromatic styles.

Alternatively, you can decorate them to match your desired aesthetic, and easily change them if you decide to redecorate. All of this means that Clever Closet’s storage innovations offer a perfect long-term solution and will last for many years.

How does the process work?

If you have decided that a Clever Closet under eaves storage space is right for you, it’s easy to get started! All you need to do is get in touch to discuss your requirements, and we will be able to build a perfect unit to fit your space. 

From there, you can purchase the unit and arrange for delivery and installation. Our units take less than one day to install – the process is often complete in just a few hours, making it very convenient to add the space you need. For our loft conversion products, it is best to order before work begins in order to create the best possible solution, but we can also provide units for installation after the fact.

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Under Eaves Storage Solutions Clever Closet

With fitters based around the UK, we can deliver and install our units almost anywhere. In many cases, customers prefer to have the unit installed as part of their loft conversion, and in these cases we are happy to supply the product by itself. Thanks to its simple and innovative design, skilled carpenters will have no difficulty fitting the unit and in this way, you can ensure it fits perfectly with the style of your new attic room.

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