Clever Closet Flat Packs

Clever Closet storage units are now available to order as convenient flat pack units.

Choosing a Clever Closet unit is so easy now – it’s as easy as buying shoes! Clever Closet offer a range of understairs storage units in flat pack form. The unit type needed will depend upon the angle or pitch of the stairs. Many apps are available which will help you to easily determine the angle or pitch of your stairs*.

How easy is it to install a Clever Closet Flatpack?

All of our flat pack storage units come with a full set of instructions and can be installed using a screw gun and some basic hand tools.  Any competent DIYer or tradesperson can fit one of our simple flat packs in a matter of hours. If you are comfortable fitting architrave and skirtings, then you will have no problem with our units.

Click here to download our flat pack instructions. 

How can I order a Clever Closet flat pack unit?

To order your flat pack unit, simply click here to contact us, and a member of our team will be happy to help.

The most popular angle is a 40-42 degrees. If you are unsure of your angle or pitch there is a variety of simple Apps available which will help you to determine it.