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Looking to neatly store your pet’s belongings?

Today, pets have become a much-loved part of the family. Our pets have more accessories, treats, dietary and bedding needs than ever before. This is where our clever under stairs storage systems come in! Our storage units can neatly store your pet’s belongings while eliminating clutter.

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It's Almost Back to School Time

Are you ready for it? New school bags, stationery, gym bags, coats and all the essentials for the new school year often result in a clutter crisis! We have listed your top 3 ‘back-to-school’ storage frustrations below, and some handy storage tips to make the most of your under stairs storage unit amid the back-to-school rush.

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Accuride Runners? Only the Best for Clever Closet

Did you know that Clever Closet use Accuride Runners in our drawers? These premium runners are guaranteed to last for 45 years! We were delighted to have our under stairs storage units featured on Accuride’s website recently – check out the article in full below. 

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