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Under Stairs Storage for new parents

Storage for New Parents

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One of the biggest challenges that new parents rarely anticipate is the need for a lot more storage space when a baby arrives. Sometimes, there will be enough space for most of the essentials in the nursery – storage capacity can be extremely variable – but this may not be suitable for prams, carriers or other items that are large and inconvenient to transport around the house. Even if you are able to create the space you need to store toys, baby clothes, blankets, and other small accessories, it can be much more difficult to make room for larger items, especially given how many you will need. As your baby grows, the things they need will quickly accumulate, and unless […]
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How to Organise Under-Stairs Storage

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Many of us have the ambition to become more organised, and no matter how tidy we are, there are always strategies we could use to make this easier and more effective. In our recent survey, 20% of respondents who use their under-stairs space for storage said that they don’t know most of what is in there, and only 37% said that their under-stairs cupboard is properly organised. The best under-stairs storage ideas for you will differ depending on the specific challenges you face in your home – that could mean that you don’t have enough cupboard space elsewhere, you have a lot of awkwardly-shaped items to store, or you have items that you cannot store in a garage, shed or […]
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Creative Under-Eaves Storage Solutions for Your Loft Conversion

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Loft conversions have soared in popularity in recent years. The growth of social media has encouraged more people to take an interest in interior design, while the COVID-19 pandemic inspired many of those who were confined to their homes to make big changes to their living spaces. Another factor is that newly built homes are getting smaller, and many homeowners are facing the need to maximise their living space in whatever ways they can. A loft conversion is often a perfect solution, as the loft is a large area that is rarely used to its full potential in most homes. At best, most people use this area as an extra storage space, but turning it into a loft bedroom or […]
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Storage Solutions for a Cupboard Under the Stairs

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In our recent survey, 61% of respondents said that they use the space underneath their stairs for storage. In UK homes, that often means a cupboard, and while this extra storage capacity is almost always welcome, it can be difficult to use it to its full potential. This is because these under-stairs spaces rarely offer options for organisation. As a result, a cupboard under the stairs can quickly become messy. These cupboards are often used to store a variety of odds and ends that don’t have anywhere else to go, which can make them hard to organise. This can have a knock-on effect of making it more difficult to access things when you need them. Here, the experts at Clever […]
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Closing Under Stairs Storage Drawer

Survey: 78% of Brits Say Homes Lack Storage

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In a new survey by storage solution experts Clever Closet, 77.57% of people in the UK said that modern homes do not have enough storage space – despite the fact that this is a priority for people who are looking for a new home.  The study of 1,437 people in the UK found that 94.76% of people feel that storage space is important (either “very important” or “somewhat important”); but despite this, just over half (50.47%) said that they currently do not have as much storage space as they need. Overall, almost 83% of those surveyed said that they would benefit from more storage capacity in their home and that this would make things tidier – this includes 73% of […]
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Smart Storage Kitchen Pantry

Storage Solved: Kitchenware

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No matter what type of chef you are – whether you like to get creative in the kitchen, stick to the recipes you know, or whip up meals as quickly as possible – it can be challenging to store your equipment and utensils tidily.  Typically, the kitchen offers a variety of unique challenges when it comes to storing the things you need. Many utensils are oddly shaped, which can make them difficult to stack or arrange. Some recipes ask for a large variety of ingredients and you may need to find somewhere to keep them until you need to use them again. Larger items like woks or casserole dishes force you to decide whether you will try to clear a […]
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