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The Benefits of Under Eaves Storage Units for an Attic Bedroom

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A loft conversion is a great way for homeowners to create an extra bedroom, and is increasingly popular in the UK. While transforming an attic or loft space into a bedroom can enable you to make the most of a space that usually has very little practical function, it can create a unique set of challenges in terms of storage. If you currently use your loft as a storage space but are planning a conversion, or you have converted your loft and are now lacking in storage capacity, you may already be familiar with one such challenge. This is not the only issue that can arise. One of the primary difficulties when converting a loft into a bedroom is working […]
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Smart Storage Solutions for an Empty Nest

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As a parent, it can be difficult when your children move out, but it also represents an exciting new start. An empty nest is your opportunity to rediscover old passions or explore new ones; to rearrange your home and make it perfect for you; and to enjoy more time for yourself. There are lots of decisions to make and paths to choose from; many people decide to redecorate their home, repurpose their child’s old room, or use the extra space to try out hobbies they might never have considered before. Taking up a new hobby, packing your children’s possessions away or investing in features to make guests feel comfortable will require storage space. On the other hand, if you decide […]
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Storage Ideas for Sports Equipment

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Whether you play one sport or many, you probably need a lot of equipment. Depending on the sport, these may be large items – surfboards, bicycles or golf bags, for example – but even smaller pieces of kit like footwear, helmets, and tennis rackets can take up a lot of space because of their inconvenient shape. Some small items are heavy, like dumbbells; they may be vulnerable to damage or require you to dismantle them before you put them away, making it inconvenient or impossible to stack them neatly. With all this in mind, it can be hard to find a place to keep everything you need for your favourite hobby. Given that house prices are rising even while new […]
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Storage Ideas for New Homeowners

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One of the most important considerations when buying a new home or moving house is how much storage space is available. High-quality storage solutions can help to combat stress on your moving day, but they may also increase the price of a property. On the other hand, a lack of adequate storage can make everything more difficult and force you to make choices about what you have room to keep. It is clear that this is an important consideration for many people. In a recent survey published by Clever Closet, 77.5% of respondents (799 people) said that they feel that modern homes lack adequate storage space. This is especially true of new-build homes, with 603 people (58.5%) saying that homes […]
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Storage for New Homeowners

How to Hide Under-Stairs Storage Space

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One of the challenges of keeping a hallway tidy is that there is often very little room for furniture. There are all kinds of items you might need to store, but outside of racks for shoes, coats and umbrellas, there are very few options tailored to the needs of a hallway. You might have enough room for shelving, a set of drawers, or a console table; but if you don’t, or if they don’t provide as much space as you need, what are your options? The simplest and most attractive option is hidden storage. Sometimes this means spaces that are intentionally disguised for security, but in many cases, it simply means that the inside of an item that may already […]
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Storage for New Homeowners UK

How to Create Under-Stairs Storage

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Many houses have under-stairs space that is taken up by a boiler system or by clutter that has slowly accumulated. However, neglecting this space is a missed opportunity, especially in smaller houses. Under-stairs storage space is perfect for organising various different items neatly, in an easily accessible place. It’s an ideal way to store items from around your house that may have no other home, or as a more secure form of long-term storage. Under-stairs storage can be installed around many other household appliances that may already be located under the stairs. Here, the team at Clever Closet explains how using under-stairs storage can help to reduce wasted space in your home and the different options that we offer that […]
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