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It's Almost Back to School Time

Are you ready for it? New school bags, stationery, gym bags, coats and all the essentials for the new school year often result in a clutter crisis! We have listed your top 3 ‘back-to-school’ storage frustrations below, and some handy storage tips to make the most of your under stairs storage unit amid the back-to-school rush.

1. Shoes and trainers thrown across the hallway floor

This is the number one storage frustration across homes throughout the UK. After a long day of school, gym and after school sports, the first thing almost every child does is fling their shoes off at the front door. This often leads to shoes being strewn everywhere and is the source of many arguments. What’s more – a missing shoe on the school run is not a great start to the day for any member of the family!

Clever Closet’s shoe storage rails are the perfect option for solving your school shoe storage crisis, with each set of rails holding 8-10 pairs of shoes neatly, as shown on the left.

2. Missing School Bags and Lunch Boxes

School bags are often left hanging over the end of the stairs or even worse – thrown on the floor. Adding to the problem, many lunchboxes are now styled like a school bag, with their own handles and large sizes taking up plenty of space.

We recommend storing school boxes in our large drawers, which can hold up to 35kg in weight. The push-pop drawers are simple to open and give the children an easy way to keep the hallway a school bag free zone. We recommend pairing school lunch boxes with school bags over the weekend to avoid trying to track them down amid the Monday morning rush.

3. Coats and Jackets

As the weather is often unpredictable, school coats and jackets tend to be in use throughout the school year! When it comes to school coats, they are often missing or thrown messily over the bannister. Our under stairs units with a tallboy door can be installed with optional coat rails, providing a convenient home for this common source of clutter. We recommend installing coat hooks at a lower height so that even small children can easily tidy away their own jackets.