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Attic Storage Ideas for Your Home

An attic space can add a significant amount of storage capacity to your home, provided you make the best possible use of it. For some people, the temptation is to put all kinds of odds and ends into cardboard boxes, put them in their loft and never think about them again, but this comes with a number of problems. It can make it difficult to find things you need and, if your attic storage space becomes messy and disorganised, you can feel discouraged from using it, which brings you back to the original problem.

If this is you, you’re in luck! Here, the team of storage experts at Clever Closet presents a series of innovative ideas and attic storage solutions that can help you to make the most of whatever space you have available. These suggestions encompass organisation, structure, efficiency and accessibility, meaning that whatever specific challenges you are facing, there should be something here to benefit you.

Clear storage bins

Using storage bins is a great way to maximise your storage capacity and ensure that access to your belongings remains convenient. Many clear storage bins are stackable, allowing you to occupy more of the space without making a disorganised pile. This is especially suitable for items that are being stored for the long term. If you label your storage containers – or simply arrange the items so that you can quickly see what is inside – you will be able to find the things you need, and can keep items with a similar function or purpose together.

If you are storing items that pose a risk of creating a mess – for example, cables that can become tangled, or loose items that are at risk of scattering – you might choose to keep these in a smaller container inside the larger one. The wide availability of these containers on the market means that you can find them in a useful range of sizes, which enables you to stack them inside each other for maximum organisation. Of course, whether or not this is necessary depends on what you want to store and how likely you are to stick to a system. Being realistic, addressing the specific challenges you are facing and acknowledging your own shortcomings when it comes to organisation are great ways to make sure you find the perfect solution.

Add shelves

A simple way to free up space is to build your own shelving in your attic. These can be fairly simple, especially for an unfinished attic space where the focus is on practical function rather than creating something that’s aesthetically pleasing.

If one shelf is not enough, consider how you might position shelves to take full advantage of the space – for example, if your attic has trusses, you could install open shelving between them. You need to make sure that your attic’s trusses can accommodate this before you build shelves into them, and refrain from putting heavy items onto these shelves once they are installed.

Hooks and rails

This can be a useful alternative to built-in shelves, or be used in addition to make even better use of the attic space. The shape of an attic often makes it difficult to install furniture, due to the restrictions imposed by the sloping eaves. However, you can take advantage of the available height by mounting hooks and rails from which you can hang your belongings. An unfinished attic will gather dust so, depending on the items you intend to store, you might consider packing them into protective bags. This can also allow you to store things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to hang up, and keep valuable floor space free for larger items.

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Built-in storage space

Built-in storage solutions are one of the best ways to maximise space and maintain high levels of organisation. These units can be installed under the eaves of the loft or at the gable end and, in either case, they can create an organised storage system in a space that is otherwise not practical to use. By structuring the space as a series of drawers, you can stay organised while also making the maximum possible use of the extra storage capacity.

This also adds an extra layer of protection – it is important to consider temperature and humidity before you make any decisions or begin any work in your loft. An unfinished attic may not be suitable for belongings that are vulnerable to moisture damage, for example, but by installing an attic storage solution you will be able to better protect your possessions.

To some people, this sounds like a prohibitively expensive option, but this is no longer the case. The customisable storage units from Clever Closet can be made to fit into almost any space, and are much more cost-effective than bespoke solutions. This makes them a perfect way to fully use the awkward space under your eaves or at the gable end of your attic.

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