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Get Organised… Roadtrip!

Roadtrip tips

Pack It Up

Pack the right bags. If you’re going camping, use rucksacks and bags that are easily transported from the car to your site. If your roadtrip ends with a hotel or house, suitcases may be handier to pull along on wheels.

What way will things need to be unpacked? What time of day will it be when you arrive at your destination? If you’re going to need warm/light clothes when you arrive, pack them at the top of your bag. If there are specific things you or the kids will need throughout your journey, pack them in a separate bag for the car.

Packing suitcase tipsOrganise The Car

As with your case or rucksack, pack the car in the order you’ll need it unpacked. And like you’d pack your shopping, pack heavy things on the bottom to avoid any crushing or squashing. If you’re short on space, vacuum bags can help with clothes, sleeping bags etc. You can buy car organisers to hang over seats to help with smaller items. Make sure you have anything needed in an emergency to hand; a small first aid kit, reflective triangles in case of breakdown.

organised car packing

Happy Kids

Make sure the kids are kept occupied on their journey! If you’re on a long roadtrip there’s only so many times you’ll want to here “are we there yet?” or “How far away are we now?”.. Portable DVD players, kids books in a Kindle or games on an ipad are all well and good but if you don’t want the kids to go square eyed, get them creative with colouring books, scrap booking, postcards..

kids in car

Anybody Hungry?

Make sure you have plenty of snacks handy for the kids, but also remember to keep them relatively crumb and mess free, cartons of juice and compartment lunch boxes are great for road trips! Using shower caddies to hold food and drinks is a great way to prevent spilling.

If you have smaller children ensure you have extra bottles and bibs packed for the journey.

Keep It Clean!

Which leads nicely on to our last point – keeping the car clean and organised. Make a small bin for the back and the front of the car. Use bags and containers to keep smaller objects, toys or supplies in their own place and label them accordingly. Having everything in it’s own place will make it so much easier when unpacking the car!

Tidy the car