Choosing a Clever Closet unit is so easy now! Its as easy as buying shoes! You choose the style of unit you want, single, 3 drawer, 5 drawer & then you get the size that fits you. The size is the angle or pitch of the stairs & we have a great simple app to help you find that, (at the bottom of this page).

How easy is it to install a Clever Closet Flatpack?

All our flat packs come with a full set of instructions and can be installed using a screw gun and some basic hand tools.  Any competent DIY’r or tradesperson can fit one of our simple flat packs in a matter of hours. If you are comfortable fitting architrave and skirtings, then you will have no problem with our units.

Download Flat Pack Instructions here:

Clever Closet – 3 Drawer Unit – Flat Pack Instructions 


At Clever Closet we have designed our storage units to accommodate every pitch/angle from 38-45 degrees. The most popular angle is a 40-42 degree. If you are unsure of your angle or pitch there a couple of simple Apps available which will help you check it out.