Whether it is a home office, bedroom or kids playroom, our loft solutions maximises the useable space within the attic. We supply a range of shelves and modular drawers designed to fold seamlessly into the eaves, following the pitch of the roof A range of configurations to suit any attic space, our units can be supplied for self-installation or fitted by our own experienced installers.

Custom designed to meet your specifications, with Prices starting from £399

If your Loft space is not converted, here are some solutions.

Loft Leg

These are a simple, light raised boarded areas for the loft, that sit above the insulation. This raised deck is ideal for storage and protects your insulation from compression, which helps save money on your energy bills and have a useful additional attic storage space. Shop Now

Loft Ledge

A convenient solution utilising unused space between the trusses. Designed to fit all standard roof truss constructions. Shop Now

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Nationwide Fitting Service
We have a team of qualified and experienced installers based around the country, that can have the Storage units fitted within a matter of hours.